Yofftoo, previously known as HolidayViews Direct, is a re-start-up. Our prototype phase began life as a knee-jerk reaction to the changes taking place in the global holiday/vacation accommodation rental sector. The large OTAs(Online Travel Agencies) poured unimaginable sums of investment into globalising the market, positioning themselves as almost unavoidable 3rd party intermediaries in a contentious indirect booking model. The result? Prices have risen for the consumer, booking fees have certainly increased, advertising subscription rates have increased and the OTA brokerage systems now dominate the marketplace.

  • On the supply-side, holiday accommodation has become increasingly commoditised and owner contact with the consumer actively restricted by the indirect booking model.  
  • On the demand-side consumers are paying ~20% in booking fees and other cost additions, with the OTAs' dominance effectively limiting and controlling open access to the property owners.

During the prototype phase, we learned a lot about the needs of both the supply side and the demand side of this huge global market sector, and believe there is still a desire for a disintermediated 'book direct' channel-to-market, complementing the now-established indirect booking model.

Consumers are increasingly keen to 'Book Direct' once again, in order benefit from connecting directly with the owner/manager, refining the details of their holiday accommodation directly with the owner and reducing the cost of their holiday. In similar vein, many owners and accommodation managers welcome the opportunity to re-connect directly with their guests, build trust, personalise their offering, become more dynamic in bringing deals & offers to market, reduce their reliance upon the OTAs, and stop being treated like a commodity.

As Yofftoo enters its post-Covid, initial live phase, we remain indebted to the owners from around the world who signed-up for the prototype and allowed us to use their data and learn from their experiences. Much has changed as a result. We offer owners and travellers alike a direct booking business model underpinned by 21st Century global access technologies, and are committed to helping owners deliver a cost effective direct booking process which re-introduces flexibility into the process, beats the scammers, instills confidence and ultimately saves our guests money. 

Yofftoo will continue to innovate as we build the service with the evolving needs of the 'Book Direct' market in mind.